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My Video Philosophy

One day, while working as marketing director for WKRN-TV in Nashville, it dawned on me that every business could and should have their own television channel on the web. If done right, YouTube video and social media create a powerful sales funnel that gets you qualified leads, builds your email list, and makes sales.

That’s why I started my own company aimed to help you get real returns from your video investment.

I believe effective video marketing does three things:

- Introduces your company to prospective clients and creates leads.

- Builds an emotional connection with your brand and builds powerful email lists.

- Drives sales.

The paradigm is shifting in a major way, and here’s proof: For the last few years of my broadcast television career, we we’re spending over half our marketing time and energy on mobile and the web. Why would a multi-million dollar television station with a continual base of 50-100,000 viewers put so much time and effort into digital?

- Consumers have more control over what we choose to watch.

- TV stations realize marketing on digital is the future.

Video Marketing is a lot more than putting together a pretty 3-minute video. It’s about a clear, consistent, and valuable message put in front of the right people at the right time.

Introduce your company to clients, inform them about your product, and build a long-term emotional connection that makes you money. I'll will you make that happen in an affordable and effective way.

Contact me:

Phone: 615-487-5549

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