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For 15 years, Mike was Marketing Director and Brand Manager for television stations.  He's an award winning producer who has shot and edited thousands of TV commercials and web videos.  He recently finished a feature documentary, Saving Banksy.

Mike has a unique skill set that ranges from shooting and editing to writing and marketing through social media.  His understanding of business and marketing, coupled with production is a huge asset for anyone looking to build a powerful brand with video on the web.  He's worked with large health care companies, organic farmers, record labels, realtors, and interior designers.  

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Whole Foods - Nashville, TN

Julie Couch Interiors - Nashville, TN

Call Proof - Nashville, TN

Beloit Health Systems - Beloit, WI

NorthPointe Wellness - Roscoe, IL

HYTCH - Nashville, TN

Delvin Farms - Nashville, TN

Keller Williams - Nashville, TN

TX Team - Indianapolis, IN

TENN Green - Nashville, TN

Pig Minds Brewery - Rockford, IL


Tel: 615-487-5549


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